We need your opinion

Where would a bus take you? When and why would you use it? Hint: There are no wrong answers!

Examples might be… to get to work / to get to health appointments / to go shopping / to socialise in town / to see friends / to get to college / to care for someone / to go to the cinema. You might want to go for all of these reasons! Maybe choose the top 3? It’ll help us understand what kind of service(s) we need.

7 thoughts on “We need your opinion”

  1. I want a bus to help me connect to Penrith train station.
    Next month it will cost me £10 for a cheap fare by rail from Penrith up to Glasgow, and £14 for a taxi to get from Greystoke to Penrith!!

  2. Personally I want to have the opportunity to enjoy less stressful journeys by letting someone else do the driving and not having to worry about finding an [often costly] and time-limiting parking space. I consider buses to be an environmentally friendly and efficient way of getting from A2B safely and they make transport more accessible to young and old alike for getting to work, places of education, medical appointments and the like, health and leisure, shopping and much, much more. I also want to be able to “do my bit” towards enabling a greener future. Buses really are a lifeline for many people living alone in remote areas and provide an ideal opportunity to get out and about, meet people and feel included rather than isolated.

  3. We’re a family of 5 who regularly head to Keswick and Penrith and would love to be able to jump on a bus both ways with the kids rather than add to traffic on the roads.

    We’d love buses to stop at the village – our youngest is especially obsessed with them – and they’re all learning about the environment so they know buses are more eco friendly.

  4. Personally I would use the bus as an alternative way to travel to Penrith for train connections, social events and shopping. We also have a few circles of friends in Keswick and it would allow us to catch up with them without the parking and traffic issues the town has.

    When we lived in Threlkeld we regularly used the X4/5 in both directions, we would like to be able to do the same in Greystoke.

  5. I live in Newbiggin and would also find the bus useful to get to Penrith train station nipping off then to Glasgow or Edinburgh for a short break .Visiting my family in town and shopping without the car would be handy too . I have walked to the top end of Stainton in the past to catch the bus: great on a dry day but a real curse on a wet one

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