Lift Sharing Idea (From Bernie)

I’m trying to gauge the potential level of interest in setting up an interactive “Liftshare” WhatsApp group for the village whereby folk might offer/request and co-ordinate shared journeys. If such an idea were to prove popular and well-used, rather than diminishing or diluting the remit of the Bus Action Group, I see it as an additional means of signalling the need/demand for a regular bus service. Numbers of shared journeys, times of day and reasons why and any issues etc. could be logged and analysed and contribute to the overall body of vital evidence required to move forward. Similar schemes operate in other villages but I am not party to their management, usage or success rates. Before I go any further with promoting the idea I would welcome your thoughts and opinions please… Thanks, Bernie

Update: Bernie has this up and running now, it’s a WhatsApp group called ‘Greystoke liftshare’. If you would like to join, please drop us a note here or to

5 thoughts on “Lift Sharing Idea (From Bernie)”

  1. I think this is a great idea. I drive between Greystoke and Carlisle infirmary 4 days a week and Whitehaven hospital once a week (usually). Leave around 7.20am, home about 5pm. Happy to carshare / lift share.

    Lorrainne from ACT has sent us a useful document, I’ve uploaded it to the documents section.

    Thanks for taking the initiative with this Bernie 🙂

  2. Our kids can’t get anywhere without a bus. This means they’re trapped in the village, isolated, particularly during school holidays unless an adult will drive them. It’s 3 miles to walk to Penruddock to catch a bus to Penrith or Keswick, which is crazy.

    1. Thank you Rebecca (if they’d like to come and see some filming on Wednesday morning 11 at the village hall they’d be welcome!).

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