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Our response to the outcome of the December 23 tender

The BAG in the Media

Link to the ITV Border film:


Article in the Herald 16.12.23

Article in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 16.10.23

Article in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 17.2.24

Agendas and meeting notes

Agenda for February 2024

Agenda for 7/9/2023

/Summary of meeting held on 7th November

Slides from meeting held 7th November

Summary of meeting held 19th September 23

Agenda for meeting 22/8/23

Summary of meeting 22/8/23

Sticky notes photos From the August meeting

Summary of meeting 29/06/23

Slides 29/06/23

Agenda / slides from meeting held 25/07/2023

Summary of meeting held 25/07/2023

Kirkby Stephen Transport Project

Kirkby Stephen Transport Project Audit Report (pdf)

Kirkby Stephen Travel Timetable Winter 2022-2023 (pdf)

Background Documents

Action with Communities in Cumbria (ACT)

Council Presentation on Providing Public Transport in Rural Areas (pdf)


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