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This will be our Question and Answer page, because if one person is wondering it, others will be too! If you have a question, please email our *shiny* new email address (and when I work out how to access it, I’ll reply).

Do you have a question that’s not yet been answered?

What happened to the ‘Story homes’ money?

As part of the development, Story homes gave a sum of money (S106 funding) for transport; there is a total of £38,747 for a bus service contribution for a 5 year period. The Westmorland and Furness Council currently hold this fund.

When are we getting rural mobility?

This is due to start in autumn 2023. It will offer ‘flexible booked transport 7 days a week from early morning to early evening’. Rural / Community / Village Wheels Schemes | Westmorland and Furness Council apparently postal applications only are accepted at the moment; it would be good to have a lot of applications submitted as it shows there is a demand for more transport and that we’ll use it.

Why aren’t the Wrights bus charging the capped fare of £2 as Stagecoach do?

Not all bus operators are part of the £2 scheme. Wrights (who run the 888 service) may not have been contacted by the Dept for Transport, who went to operators directly rather than through local authorities. Mark Hodgkiss from WFC has written to them to enquire about this, but because of the short duration the service runs and the government deadlines to apply, it is unlikely the 888 will be reduced to the capped fare of £2 in 2023. Mark has now added a note to the 888 timetable pages about this, warning people the fare is not capped.

For information, Mark has also asked if Wrights can introduce an extra ‘farestage’ between Penrith and Keswick which might make the cost of travelling slightly cheaper. It is currently £6 to Keswick (adult, one way).

Will a bus even fit through our villages?

We think so, yes. The route off the A66, through Newbiggin, Greystoke and Motherby has been used by double decker buses (and lorries) in the past. Plus these drivers are trained to cope with all types of road and traffic conditions.

How does the subsidised taxi service work?

More information here (it’s also known as ‘rural wheels’): Rural / Community / Village Wheels Schemes | Westmorland and Furness Council

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